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Our style

Our photography style is warm, encouraging and open. Images should always reflect CDU and what it's like to be part of the CDU community, they should always be clear and positive - in keeping with our brand values.

Photographs can be a powerful device to represent and promote the University or your course – they should be visually pleasing and aspirational. Keep your audience in mind and ensure the imagery you use will attract and invite them to be a part of our new world university.

When selecting or commissioning images please avoid photos that are cheesy, cluttered, awkwardly posed or angled, or inappropriate to the topic. A viewer should be able to clearly comprehend the intent of the image.

All our photography should support our brand attributes through the characteristics of the people, their actions and their environments. These are:

  • Social Justice - CDU has a positive, encouraging and supportive culture and believes everyone can contribute to a better future. This in reflective in people who are engaged, inspired, enthusiastic and demonstrate a willingness to learn.
  • Creativity - CDU values originality, artistic endeavour and freedom of expression. We believe in learning from others to create a new vision for the future. This is reflected in people who are respectful, creative and open to new ideas and methods. 
  • Collective Effort - CDU encourages the bringing together of like-minded people to address the real issues in our local communities and across our region. This is reflective in people who are caring, hardworking and community focused.
  • Sustainability - CDU is committed to preserving and protecting our environment and working together, towards a more sustainable future. This is reflective in people who are inquisitive, resourceful and mindful. They are original thinkers and great problem solvers; leadership is also a key quality.

People shots 

Images should be simple, engaging and feature real people at CDU. People should appear positive, approachable and natural with an appropriate mix of gender, age and race. Images should reflect real life scenarios.

Location shots

To provide authenticity images should always be shot on location at our various campuses and centres, or in relevant related settings, such as at practicum placements or field intensives (where appropriate).

Specific shots

Occasionally you may require specific shots for your communication representing particular locations, people or scenarios. In this situation, please contact the CDU photographer to arrange a shoot to cover your specific needs. As always, it’s important for your shoot to create a sense of authenticity and to avoid clichéd poses. At the same time, the images should reflect positively on the University and represent us as a pleasant, clean, modern and vibrant learning environment.

Please contact the CDU photographer to arrange a photoshoot –

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