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When representing the University in official documents, professionalism and brand consistency are imperative. As such, please use the font type, font size and paragraph style set in these documents.

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CDU certificate stock

Pre-printed CDU certificate stock is available from They can also assist with all your certificate printing needs.

Printing your own certificate

  1. Download the certificate text template (dotx 22KB)
  2. Enter the required information onto the template
  3. Print it straight onto the certificate stock from your office printer

Please note: for security reasons no attempts are to be made to re-create this certificate.

Corporate letterhead

CDU corporate letterheadOfficial corporate letterhead for each campus can be ordered through UniPrint. If you need to print a letter, please use the UniPrint supplied letterhead, please don't print your own. 

The letterhead is one of the elements that help ensure our brand positioning is compelling and consistent - reinforcing our uniquely different new world university attitude and passion to use knowledge to help shape the future. 

Our brand is firmly attached to every facet of our identity, including letters. How we represent Charles Darwin University across all our communications and actions has a direct influence on our reputation and growth opportunities throughout the Northern Territory, Australia and globally.

Electronic letterheads

The CDU letterhead templates are for electronic purposes only, please avoid printing the electronic letterhead as it doesn’t reflect CDU in the most professional way.

If you’re intending to print a letter, please use the printed CDU letterhead that can be ordered through uniprint. We trust you will do your best to reflect CDU in the most professional way at all times.

The CDU departmental letterhead allows space to include your department name in the letterhead.

CDU departmental letterhead

CDU corporate letterhead

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