Typography reflects the type of organisation we are. When used in an intelligent, well-balanced way it can add greatly to the visual appeal, feel and intent of all communications. The look we are striving for is clear, modern and accessible.

The specially crafted combination of the Myriad Pro family for headlines and the Din family for body copy gives us maximum flexibility to clearly communicate in a strong, yet sensitive way.

Treat typography as you would your signature; a sign of authority reflecting a unique personality.

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General correspondence

As a member of staff, you will work mainly with the Calibri light font on a day to day basis for all general correspondence including letters and email communications.

In the event that Calibri light is not available please substitute with Calibri.

For headlines, it is preferable to use a 75% black font colour. If working in Microsoft Office select Black, text, Lighter 25% from the font colour panel.

Fonts for general use

Headline and copy fonts - marketing and advertising

Please use the Myriad Pro Light No. 2 for headlines and the Din family for body copy on all marketing and advertising communications.

Din Light is the standard weight for body copy while Din Medium should be used for highlighted copy. However these weights can be varied at your discretion depending on the quality of reproduction and the clarity of the contrast between the two font weights.

Please note: the Myriad Pro No 2 font has been custom designed. If you require a copy, please contact brand@cdu.edu.au.

Fonts for marketing pruposes

Headline and copy fonts - digital

Use Myriad Pro Light for headlines and Open Sans family for body copy on websites.

Please use Calibri Light for headlines and Calibri family body copy in eDMs and where Adobe Typekit is unavailable.

Fonts for digital use