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Corporate event directional signs

Directional signs for corporate events have been created representing the precinct colours on Casuarina campus. Please use the colour that represents the precint where your event is taking place. If your event is being held on another campus or centre, please use the CDU corporate blue.

You can change the direction of the arrow to suit in PowerPoint.

These sign templates are suitable for digital and print purposes. A3 print size is suggested.

We recommended that you engage UniPrint to print these signs in order to reflect CDU and your event in the most professional way. Please email uniprint@cdu.edu.au with your print ready flyer.


Event directional sign portrait

Download the portrait template (potx 3.3MB).


Event directional sign landscape

Download the landscape template (potx 3.4MB).

If you need to print these templates from your office printer please refer to the following printing instructions for the best result.

Windows printing instructions

  1. Select "File" from the menu
  2. Select "Print"
  3. Select "Full Page Slides"
  4. Check the box "Scale to Fit Paper"
  5. Select "Printer Properties" to select paper size

Mac printing instructions

  1. Select "File" from the menu
  2. Select "Print"
  3. Select "Show details" if you don't see the options below
  4. Select paper size
  5. Check the box "Scale to Fit Paper"
Notice templatePrintable name tags

Each A4 page will print eight name tags of the same illustration, there are five illustrations to choose from.

Pull-up banners

To create your own event-specific banner contact uniprint@cdu.edu.au.

Branded pull up bannerConsider these points when creating content for pull-up banners:

  • Does the item have a clear message?
  • Is the copy clear and persuasive?
  • Does it speak to the correct audience?
  • Is the key image compelling?
  • Is the correct image style being used?
  • Is the text legible at viewing distance?

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