Colour is one of the most salient elements in our visual toolkit. It moves people in powerful yet often very subtle ways.

Our colour palette has a fresh, upbeat yet sensitive character. It references our global qualities and the nature of the NT through colours indicative of the ocean, earth, sea and sky.

The application of colour can be open to great subjective interpretation. Strictly following this colour palette is designed to enhance creativity, not limit it.

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Primary colour palette

CDU corporate blue

The corporate colour for Charles Darwin University is PMS 2765. Our branding should always be in this colour. Please note: the colour breakdowns specified when not using a solid PMS ink.

CDU brand colour

PMS 2765
PMS (Coated) 2765C
PMS (uncoated) 2767U
CMYK (coated) C100 M98 Y0 K45
CMYK (newsprint) C85 M84 Y20 K40
RGB R33 G22 B69
HEX #211545

Headlines and body copy

Headline colours

Headlines to use 75% black or PMS 2765.

Body copy to use 90% black, or if reproduction quality low the text can appear in 100% black.

Secondary colour palette

The secondary colour palette can be used to support the CDU blue, to add vibrancy and variety our communication.

We have six palettes. We can use any or all of the colours shown in each palette.

As a guide, predominantly warmer palettes such as palette five or two could be used for social and more community-oriented topics, while palette four could be used for environmental and biological topics.

In some cases, specific colours have been selected for specific communications, such as the CDU course flyers.

Please contact if you are unsure which colours to use.

CDU secondary colour palettes

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