Our visual language

It’s not just about making things look good. The visual language we use speaks volumes about who we are. Consistently reinforcing this builds belief and trust and creates a powerful halo effect that we can all benefit from.

The logo/brand wedge, colour palette, typography, illustration style and photography have all been carefully created to complement and fully integrate with each other. Using all the
elements in exactly the way they are intended reflects our professionalism and integrity. It ensures that we present ourselves in a consistent way to all our audiences.

For example, the distinctive CDU logo/brand wedge device reflects a dynamic contemporary edge. Its entry points and placement are critical to maintain integrity and entice the viewer’s eye. How it appears in clear space and in conjunction with other logos is equally essential to maintaining our distinctive classentity.

Earth scene
Sunrise scene
Painting scene
Turtle scene
Wind turbine scene
Flower scene

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