Positioning is how we create a distinctive brand presence to occupy a unique space in people’s minds. It's a succinct expression of what defines and differentiates CDU in the cluttered
educational sector.

It provides the backbone of everything we say and do.

This demands a credible, motivational and sustainable unified thought.

It's how we want people to think of us and remember us.

It defines who we are and how we do things, not just what we do.

We can use the positioning to give students a reason to consider CDU over competitors, to distinguish CDU in the eyes of government and other funders, and to give researchers and
staff a clear sense of the organisation they belong to.

What is our positioning?

CDU is a new world university committed to bringing people together to use knowledge to shape the future. It's a place where everyone can follow their passion to make things better – however big or small.

This is driven by asking the big questions of our time expressed in every decision, action and communication – How will we use knowledge for the future?

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What we stand for

These key values are the pillars that uphold our positioning.

Creativity: We value originality, artistic endeavour and freedom of expression. We believe in learning from Indigenous and international cultures to create a new vision for the future.

Social justice: We believe that everyone can contribute to making a positive impact, regardless of background – whether through ground-breaking research, becoming a teacher in an Indigenous community or supporting the rights of others.

Sustainability: As leaders in research, we’re committed to preserving and protecting our environment, to ethical business practices and to using technology to build a more sustainable future.

Collective effort: We care about addressing the real issues in our local communities and across our region, through bringing together like-minded people with a desire to make their world a little better.

Our values are not only expressed in our formal communications, but in every action performed under the auspices of the university.

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Driving change – CDU’s positioning eco-system

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