Defining our brand

This guide is for all of us. It sets the tone and shape of all our communications and actions moving forward.

It's designed to ensure we continually embrace new challenges and help shape the future in the way only a new world university can. Far more than a style guide, it asks us to ask more of each other for the greater good.

In every situation we find ourselves in, we should ask the question: What would a new world university do?

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Who is this guide for?

Whatever your relationship with CDU, it’s for you to articulate the unique nature of what we do. It’s for everyone who has a passion to communicate what it means to be part of the unique culture that is CDU.

We can all use it to draw a clear line in the sand on the core values and spirit of endeavour CDU stands for.

Leaders and influencers can use it to capture the imagination of staff members and students alike.

Designers can draw on the dynamic typography, textural treatments, colour palettes, paper illustrations and photography to add a bold contemporary look with visual elegance and difference.

Marketers can use it to tell the most compelling brand stories, and enhance our positioning, engage communities and compel others to be part of our new world university.

Website and publication writers can use it as a font of inspiration as they expand on the achievements of us all in using knowledge for the future good.

Lead communicators can use it to provide examples for the creation of new, impactful stories.

What this guide helps CDU do

Given the wide diversity of internal and external communication materials and channels, this guide is designed to maintain a unified voice in a tone and manner of a recognised leader in the educational sector.

All the elements have been carefully considered and developed to work in alignment and elevate CDU’s positioning in an intelligent, well-balanced, contemporary way. Keeping true to the guidelines for each element ensures they become bigger than the sum of the individual parts; very much akin to the strength of our collective effort.

When should this guide be used?

To enhance CDU’s collective effort to establish a local, national and international competitive edge.

To define what CDU and a new world university is and is not

To inspire everyone internally and externally to embrace CDU’s core values of creativity, sustainability, social justice and collective effort.

To engage past, present and future students and staff in surprisingly different ways.

To challenge conventional thinking and ask the big questions – How will we use knowledge for the future?

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