Brand story

Answering a new world calling

Extensive research was undertaken to identify how CDU could differentiate itself in a relevant and meaningful way, now and over the next ten years.

The research uncovered a socially and globally conscious generation seeking to make a difference; to use knowledge to shape a better future.

The time is right for us to step up and awaken the power of knowledge for future good. To be the university that champions the cause of humankind through social justice, sustainability, creativity and collective effort. No other university is saying this strongly. It’s a unique space that we can own with absolute credibility. Because so much of what we do at CDU is already dedicated to improving the future health of our environment and communities: from our courses to our research, our staff to our students and graduates, and our culture of inclusion for anyone aspiring to make a difference.

It’s not an undertaking for the faint-hearted. It’s a commitment that must be embraced and encompass the very fabric and every facet of our institution. Our window of opportunity is now.

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